How To Prepare Your Tracks For Mix

1. Consolidate

Consolidate all your audio files, making sure every track starts at zero - or at least in the same place.  Your audio files should be WAV format.  You can keep the same sample rate & bit depth as your session (i.e. 48 kHz and 24 Bit).

2. Export

Select all the tracks in your edit window, then export the currently selected tracks as audio files.  In Pro Tools, once you have all of the tracks in your Edit window selected, you can use [Shift + Command + K] to export the tracks and designate a new folder to save the audio files in.   Make sure all your tracks are named clearly.  For example, use names like "Kick In," "Kick Out," "Lead Vocal," EGT Rhythym," "Synth Lead," "Piano," etc....  Save your audio files for each song in one folder.

3. Upload

  • Zip all folders
  • Include Song/Artist information in a text file
  • Please include a Rough Mix